California Mom of 6 Superglues Eye Shut After Mistaking Nail Glue Bottle for Eye Drops

A TikToker has gone viral after misinterpreting superglue for her eye drops.

On June 3, Jennifer Eversole– a mother of 6 from Santa Rosa, California– published a now-viral TikTok video sharing how the mishap put her in the medical facility.

” Well, I’ve gone and done it. I have actually won the most idiot individual award,” she stated in the clip, which has actually gathered over 4.7 million views. “My eye drops sit directly next to superglue and they’re the very same size bottle and I wasn’t focusing and now my eye’s glued shut.”

Eversole stated she right away felt an “extreme burning, actually bad burning, it felt hot.”.

” And then I shut my eye actually quickly,” she recalled. And maybe it wouldn’t have glued my eyes shut if I hadn’t shut them, however I do not know what would have happened.

Eversole rapidly sought assistance and was brought to the emergency room by an ambulance. While there, doctors utilized numbing eye drops and were able to pry her eye open. She then learned she had scratches on her eye and blurred vision and would need to keep it covered up until it healed..

Eversole later on clarified that error happened after using the superglue to apply her daughter’s press-on nails. She said she put the glue on the top of her bedroom cabinet, which is constantly filled with her kids’ toys, cups, restroom supplies and more.

” My error is that I didn’t put it away afterwards and I keep in mind believing, ‘I should most likely put that away so that nobody errors those as eye drops,’ which is precisely what took place,” she described.

She added that she just got distracted and mentioned how comparable the 2 bottles look. “In the future, I’ll get brush-on glue, and I’ll still put it away,” Eversole stated. “But at least if that ever happens, it’s a brush, and I’ll understand it’s not eyedrops.”.

On Wednesday, Eversole shared another TikTok update on her eye after checking out an ophthalmologist, who told her that her eye was “recovery well.”.

” I am succeeding!” she composed in the caption. “Eyesight must be back to 20/20 within a couple of days and my eye is recovery perfectly. No major abrasions and I am extremely fortunate for that viewing as a lot of you commented that others have lost their eye doing this precise thing! Thank you to everybody who has come here to want me well and send out excellent vibes … they worked!”.

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