Lexi Reed Gets Her Catheter Removed After Battling Calciphylaxis for More than a Year: ‘Time to Keep Moving Forward’

Lexi Reed is remaining favorable as she takes another advance in her battle with Calciphylaxis.

” All smiles but also all nerves as I got my PICC line eliminated this week!,” the weight-loss influencer captioned an Instagram image of her bruised arm, the site from where her PICC line was eliminated..

A PICC line– which represents a peripherally inserted central catheter– utilizes a big vein in your arm to reach your chest. Reed had been getting infusions via the PICC line as part of her battle with Calciphylaxis, an uncommon disorder where calcium collects in the little capillary of fat and skin tissues.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the disorder can trigger kidney failure, as well as “embolism, unpleasant skin ulcers and may cause severe infections that can cause death.”.

Reed has actually stated that dialysis– which she underwent after experiencing organ failure– may have caused her to establish the condition..

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” The tough unpleasant knots that I was experiencing turned out to be calcium deposits that developed into open wounds on my body,” Reed shared. “I have numerous injuries that are open on my upper/inner thighs, back, stomach, shoulders, and have actually already had surgical debridement to eliminate the necrotic dead skin so I might heal quicker.”.

Now, Reed says she’s recovery– and while “I still have several open wounds slowly healing that I’m dealing with at injury care … I feel it in my heart that I require to attempt this next action and keep trusting my gut, even if it terrifies me.”.

Reed, 32, adds that for Calciphylaxis, “infusions are basically the only ‘treatments’ they give however my physicians have also told me they do not understand the negative effects long term since they haven’t had patients on the infusions so long.”.

In April, Reed shared that the infusions made her upset, and due to the disorder, she needed to sleep sitting upright in a chair.

Now, she’s prepared to take the next action in her healing journey, however admits she agonized over the choice to stop the infusions.

” This was a major decision … that I’ve returned and fourth with, and likewise shed multiple tears over due to all the unknowns. However, I finally feel like the time is right to stop infusions, and with that being said – today was my last week.”.

Her partner, Danny Reed, shared his assistance for his other half, commenting, “I understand this was a hard decision but I believe this will be the best next step. Love you babe constantly going to be here for you!”.

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Reed ended her post with thankfulness for her supporters, writing, “Thank you all for constantly being here for me throughout this part of my journey and for all of the continued kind words & prayers. Time to keep moving on!”.

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