Valerie Bertinelli Says She’s Going ‘Down Another Jean Size’ After Prioritizing Nutrition and Mental Health

Valerie Bertinelli is feeling great after prioritizing her mental health.

On Friday, the Food Network star, 62, was all smiles in an Instagram video sharing how much healthier she feels after making some way of life changes in recent months.

And this all started in November, the month I got totally free,” she stated in the clip, referring to her divorce from Tom Vitale. And when I began doing that, I began caring about the nutrition that I put in my body more.”

” The extreme words and abuse can never ever be unheard and reclaimed, but here’s the thing, I would not have actually taken them in and thought them in the first place, if I hadn’t been saying severe and unkind words to myself initially,” she added in the caption..

Bertinelli described that she’s started to care more about how she treats herself and the foods she puts in her body after a year of therapy, journaling, meditation and more.

She continued, “Caring not so much about calories but what are in those calories? Am I getting sufficient fiber? Am I getting sufficient protein? Am I getting sufficient vitamins, naturally, in my food? Am I drinking too much? What makes me feel better? What makes my body feel better? Keyword, FEEL much better.”.

Bertinelli likewise kept in mind that she’s “cut back exponentially” on alcohol, which has actually assisted slimming down, which she stated she was “carrying for defense.”.

I’m really beginning to enjoy myself. “All this to say I have a lot to talk about and will continue to do so. We are enough. “.

Back in February, the.

” So, here’s a nice little negative effects of Dry January. These jeans that I’m using were so tight a couple of months ago that I couldn’t conveniently button them. Now, they’re so loose it’s time for me to decrease a size,” she stated with a laugh. “Yeah, I like that adverse effects.”.

Under the video, one fan commented that they’ve likewise been feeling a lot healthier after doing not only Dry January however Dry October also.

” Oooh, sober October. I like it,” Bertinelli reacted. “I may also do dry July. “.

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