Meryl Streep Felt ‘Miserable’ Playing ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Character, Emily Blunt Says: She Was ‘Terrifying’

mily Blunt’s onscreen fear of Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada came from a very genuine location, the actress exposed.

In the most recent episode of Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Blunt, 40, told to Brian Cox that Streep, who played bigwig style publication editor Miranda Priestly in the renowned 2006 movie, was “somewhat terrifying” on set.

” She’s amazing and was a little scary on that movie,” Blunt stated of the three-time Oscar winner. “But it made her so unpleasant, playing Miranda.”

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Blunt included that the Anna Wintour-inspired character was “one of the first times” the famous starlet attempted technique performing.

According to Streep, nevertheless, it was also her last.

” It was dreadful!” Streep, 73, said in a reunion interview with Entertainment Weekly for the funny’s 15th anniversary in 2021.

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The Mamma Mia! actress informed EW while she was “unpleasant” in her trailer, she could hear the rest of the movie’s cast– which included Blunt, Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci– “rocking and laughing.”.

” I was so depressed!” Streep continued. “I stated, ‘Well, it’s the cost you spend for being employer!’ That’s the last time I ever attempted a Method thing!”.

In his chat with Blunt, Cox, who played Logan Roy (a similarly feared media magnate to Streep’s Priestly) on HBO’s Succession, shared his affection for The Devil Wears Prada– and Streep.

Cox said that he “liked” the film, which Blunt stated marked “an extraordinary overnight shift” in her life.

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” And to deal with one of the greatest screen actresses of perpetuity, I so covet you,” the 77-year-old star continued, adding that one of his ambitions before he “snuffs it” is to work with Streep.

” I fulfilled her as soon as and I said, ‘I never liked you,'” the Succession actor said. How can any person be that good?”.

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