The Night Before Utah Man Killed Wife & 5 Children, Then Himself, He Recorded Unsettling Conversation

New recordings reveal a Utah father who eliminated his five kids, his partner and his mother-in-law prior to turning the gun on himself in January supposedly consistently utilized manipulative behavior as life in the house ended up being more and more tense for the household.

The Deseret News published a comprehensive review of approximately 72 minutes of house videos taken by Michael Haight, who shot and eliminated his household 2 weeks after his partner Tausha applied for divorce.

The night before the killings, Haught, 42, was chuckling with his kids and told the kids– 4-year-old Gavin, 7-year-old twins Sienna and Ammon, 12-year-old Brilee and 17-year-old Macie– he would take them sledding the next day, according to The Deseret News.

But over the course of months, stress between the Allstate Insurance agent and his wife were becoming significantly worrisome.

” I would love for you to vacate by yourself,” Tausha, 40, informs her partner in one video, The Deseret News reports. “But you’re not moving out. And now you’re … making me go the legal route.”

Tausha tells Michael in numerous clips that both she and the kids feel uneasy when he’s around the house.

” Our kids have actually discussed, specifically our older 2, that when you’re here it is more tense. We’re unable to relax. We’re still walking on eggshells,” Tausha states to her husband, according to the outlet.

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Michael’s behavior supposedly appears detached in a few of the clips, according to The Deseret News. Regardless of being served divorce papers at his office two weeks prior to the shooting, Michael “seems unconcerned” his spouse wants them to separate, according to the outlet.

In one clip, Michael appears to sob as he pleads with his better half for a 2nd possibility at their marital relationship. … I’m pleading, I’m trying to take care of my family. I want my family.

Later he states, “I have no time for self care” and implicates Tausha of attempting to take advantage of him by making him pay kid support. “It’s almost like we’re doing this now so your rights are protected, or you can try to get as much as you can out of kid assistance,” he declares.

Tausha explains: “I’m doing this due to the fact that I can not continue to endure that way you are treating me.”.

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The Deseret News reports Michael made a number of web searches about whether a neighbor could hear if a gunshot went off inside his garage and whether a single gunshot is identifiable or easily mistaken.

The outlet formerly reported on police reports that alleged Michael had abused his kids, when choking his earliest kid Macie.

A number of the videos Michael taped of his discussions with his other half and family appear to likewise have been taken in trick, according to The Deseret News.

In one recording, Tausha remembers a time when Michael would not permit her to drive a separate car to a Thanksgiving event, despite her not feeling safe with him at the time. She describes to him why that habits worried her.

” Those are deal breakers for me,” Tausha says. “You have actually disappointed me that I am not safe with you, that you choose my security or concerns. You show that you don’t even care.”.

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