Chris Hemsworth Jokes Costar Chris Evans Is His ‘Favorite Chris’ in Silly Birthday Tribute

Chris Hemsworth is settling the favorite-Hollywood-Chris debate at last.

For Chris Evans’s 42nd birthday on Tuesday, the Thor star, 39, joked on Twitter, “Happy Birthday to my preferred Chris @ChrisEvans,” alongside a picture of himself in the background behind Evans.

A few of the Captain America actor’s popular pals had other tributes for his birthday.

Jeremy Renner composed on his Instagram Story, “Happy Birthday To my sibling @chrisevans.” On Twitter, Renner included, “Have the very best day commemorating with those you enjoy … Happy Birthday.”

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In addition, another Avengers costar, Mark Ruffalo, wrote on Instagram along with photos of them laughing together, “Sending my bro @chrisevans some birthday love today. We haven’t chuckled that tough in a while! Miss you, friend.”.

” In the great ol’ days I might consume whatever I desired, do a couple workouts each week and be fine,” he stated. “That is not the case any longer. If I have two beers, I use it. I have not had to contribute like Captain America in a while so things like diet and exercise programs have not been on my radar. However getting older, things are clicking and sore and it’s more difficult to awaken, you have less energy.”.

He included at the time, “You know what it is? I was someone who was lucky enough to not truly think much of it in my 30s and then I struck 40 and it all came at when.”.

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